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“God invented the Parisian so that foreigners wouldn’t know what to make of the French.”

Alexandre Dumas


As you may have noticed, we’re headed to Paris as a family! I couldn’t be more giddy about it. The anticipation of introducing my children to the city (and country) I love so much has me completely blissed out. Of course, I also went into panic mode – I had hoped to be further long with my French studies before returning. While my journey to fluency is well underway (thanks to French is Beautiful Level One), my everyday, operational French needs some polishing. Which brings me to an exciting announcement – Carrie Anne James has designed a course specifically for traveling, called French for Paris! She so sweetly included my input in the planning of the course, and I’m eager to help spread the word.

Launching in April (the 4th to be exact), the efficient course covers the most crucial topics for a traveler, and teaches you how to improvise, not imitate. There have been quite a few instances where I either didn’t get a response I was expecting, or I froze in fear…I’m hoping to avoid that this time around. From mastering the Métro to bargain shopping, the focus is on feeling confident in everyday situations. Right now you can pre-order the class, and the first ten signups will receive a one hour private Skype session! I might have had something to do with the  “traveling with kids” bonus session (wink).


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  1. I’m such a sucker for café chair photos – love this one. What an awesome idea for a class – I will pass it on to my friends traveling there! ;)

  2. This is an wonderful idea! (especially for those only planning to visit for a short time) and that Alexandre Dumas quote makes me want to book a trip to Paris right now !

    • thanks Megan – if you’re visiting Paris it’s the perfect class!

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