we’re going to paris!!!



Our children’s French + Francophile book collection came in handy for the exciting news we shared with Henry and Marie this week (and are now sharing with you)!! While these shelves usually have an interesting mix of subjects, I gathered and arranged these especially for our announcement. We invited them in (mommy poised with camera in hand), let them peruse the familiar books, and then posed the magic question after they had a chance to study them.





“We’re going to be taking a very special trip soon – can you guess where we’re going?!” To which they simultaneously replied “France!” + “Paris!”!!! I just had to animate these photos for full effect. I think it’s safe to say they’re excited.






  1. I share Marie’s feelings in the third gif photo!! yessssssss! this is beyond adorable and we’re ALL excitedly awaiting your trip with you! hehe

    • me too Annie – YES!!! thank you so much for sharing in our excitement…it’s something we’ve worked hard for. cannot. wait.

    • YAY! thank you so much for your support + sharing in our excitement Amy!

  2. J’adore Paris! Your little girl’s reaction is The Best! I hope you guys have the most amazing time.

    • thank you Robin – now if we can just chunnel over to London for a day…!!

      • Exactly! Though if I were you (and no offence to London) but I might soak up every second of time in Paris instead. Diana Vreeland once said, “The best thing about London is Paris” and I tend to agree. :)

        • oh wow, I’ve never heard that one Robin (and I’m a big fan of Vreeland)! thank you for saying that…I was looking at the cost to chunnel over last night and it’s just too much (already blowing our budget as you can imagine). ;)

          someday….someday! still want to get there. xx

          • I know what you mean! Travel throughout Europe is never as cheap as you think it’ll be. It’s definitely more affordable than flying from the States, but it still costs once you’re over here for sure. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip!

  3. Congratulations on your big family trip! You all are going to have a blast! Super cute photo’s of your children.

  4. What a wonderful way to break the news to your kids! Plus your book collection is delightful. Can’t wait to see pictures and get a re-cap of your trip.

    • thanks so much Miranda – we’re going next month, can’t wait!

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  6. So looking forward to having the opportunity to meet you in Paris! How exciting for you and your adorable family : ) Lou xx

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