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Our passports are ready + waiting, our (airbnb) apartment is booked, and our suitcases will soon be emerging from the attic. We’re counting down the days until we leave for France, and what will be Henry + Marie’s first flight! Nothing like an 8-hour flight to break them in, eh?! Not nervous at all, nope (insert nervous teeth emoji here). Even though I’ve been researching and planning for this event since they were born, it is still very daunting, especially with twin toddlers. However – many of my favorite articles + posts prove that not only can it be done, but it can actually be enjoyable. I’m on a personal mission to prove that point. Until I do, and can share my own experience + advice, I thought I would share a few of my favorite resources from around the web. Have you flown with your kids? Tips + tricks are welcome!


traveling with kids

tips for flying with kids

traveling with kids: air

20 tips for flying with kids

flying with a baby or toddler


  1. eeep! So close :) I’m sure Henry and Marie will handle the plane ride like champs ;)

  2. You’re little family will have such a blast!
    I’m actually using Airbnb to book our family reunion trip this August (nothing fancy, just in Kansas) and your coupon code isn’t working. Any chance I could get it emailed to me? Thanks

    • thank you Miranda! I just emailed you in regards to the link…thanks for letting me know! ;)

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