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“Ajoutez deux lettres à Paris: c’est le paradis. | Add two letters to Paris and it’s paradis(e).

Jules Renard


My apologies for the brief break in this series, but I’ve been in Paris. Hashtag sorry, not sorry. I mean, this view – does it get any better than golden hour in Paris?! Pour moi, NON. My love for France, for Paris, for the culture, and the language, goes WAY back. The French language brings me happiness–hearing it, speaking it, learning it. I’m proud to say my French has improved, and it was evident to me (and a few others) while in Paris. I’m so thankful for my tutor Carrie Anne – her French for Paris program was the perfect refresher before our trip. From la politesse (manners) to le métro, she covers all the basics with audio, written, and video components. She even incorporated a bonus lesson for traveling with kids – more on how we benefited from that soon! For those of you looking to dive deeper into French, check out her three month course that starts June 6th. French is Beautiful Level 1 (which I’ve completed) opens for registration this weekend and is 30% off thru may 15! If you’ve been considering it but haven’t made a move, now’s the time. To quote Carrie Anne – “move learning French from a list in your head to a place in your heart”. Now, when I miss it, I escape to my lessons.

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