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“Ma patrie, c’est la langue française. | My homeland is the French language.

Albert Camus


My life currently revolves around the subject of home, in both the physical and metaphoric sense. For the purpose of this post, I’m going to address the latter. I’ve always felt at home when in France, and when speaking the language there is a strong sense of familiarity. Whether it’s due to my ancestry, my Francophilia, or the many years I’ve dedicated to learning, studying and improving my French provides a feeling of belonging for me. I’m craving that feeling more than ever, especially considering the current chaos in my life. I’ve let my studies slip a bit, and I’m missing it. However difficult it may be at the moment, I’m determined to continue the progress I’ve made. I’ll be revisiting and reviewing lessons from Carrie Anne James during this transitional period, along with a few private lessons along the way. My next post will delve more deeply into the language aspect, but for now…I’m making time for learning, and finding solace in it.

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