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After coveting the work of Le Petit Atelier de Paris for years, I finally had the chance to see their wares in person while in Paris. I kicked myself for never having made it to their boutique in the Marais before it closed, but was relieved to learn they sell online. Additionally, my good friend Jill had connected and met with owners and artists Stéphane + Jae, and put me in touch with them before our trip. They very generously offered to open up their studio for me, and I was lucky enough to see their offerings in person. What used to be their boutique is now a lovely guesthouse, but Stéphane (along with furry mascot Pompom) kindly met me there one afternoon to let me browse and learn more about their process.




It’s evident that Jae-Hyun Cheong and Stéphane Froger create their delicate porcelain wares with the motto of “du bonheur au quotidien” (“happiness in the everyday”). Their minimalist + magical designs are swoon-worthy for me, thanks to the sprinkling of gold stars here and there.  I had a lovely discussion with Stéphane (entirely in French – I left feeling triumphant) about his family, their work, and passions – they are truly dedicated to their craft. Since their online boutique is the only place you can find their creations, it makes each piece that much more special. As you can imagine, I wanted to bring back the entire studio in my suitcase, but left with a few pieces that I will treasure, and a few I will give to treasured friends. I’m so grateful for the personal experience, and hope to have the chance again next time.




Le Petit Atelier de Paris + 31 Guesthouse 


  1. eeeeee! what a lovely post. so happy you were able to make it to the guesthouse – studio. jae and stephane create my favorite art in all the world. and don’t tiny gold stars just make every single day better? xoxo

    • thank you so much for connecting me with them Jill – it was such a treat. and yes…the tiny gold stars are EVERYTHING. xoxo

  2. So lovely and minimal! Are they wheel thrown or slip cast? Do they use a stamp to make the gold stars?

    • thank you for your comment Sarah…they are slip cast! cannot remember if the star is a stamp or not…will have to check with them. ;)

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