a cardboard box birthday!



What do you do when your children’s birthdays fall in the midst of a move? You throw a cardboard box birthday of course! My wheels started turning once we put our house on the market, and after some pinning + googling, I had a plan. Then – I found this amazing invitation and there was no going back…it had to be done. The timing actually worked out perfectly, as our new space would still be empty and provided the perfect blank canvas (and awesome light) for an event. We already possessed most of the materials, and for the sake of our sanity, I promised myself (and my husband) I would keep it simple (not an easy feat for me). The end result was a convenient, eco-friendly, and most importantly – FUN party!








Aren’t you just SO shocked that I included a French element? I’ve had this donut croquembouche pinned on my party board for so long now…I was just ready + waiting for the right time to execute it. Not to toot my own horn, but I assembled it the morning of the party with fresh donuts, and think it looks pretty amazing. TOOT. As always, I enjoyed planning the table scape, featuring a minimalist snack time spread. Personalized cups helped everyone keep track of their drinks and cut down on waste – a simple detail that made a world of difference. But enough about the food – the main attraction was the incredible wonderland of cardboard, as promised on the invite! Mr. Fleurishing painstakingly and lovingly handcrafted each one. Seriously – he exceeded all expectations + reached a new level of rockstar daddy status.







With a castle, a rocket ship, and a train, there were ample opportunities for imaginative play. Henry + Marie (briefly) had first dibs before the guests arrived – they ran from one box creation to another, giggling and squealing with delight. On a random note, I’d like to point out that the beret (from our costume drawer) was all Marie’s idea! Not only does it make my Francophile heart smile with pride, it also matched the decor. She’s my mini-me in every way! Our friends arrived, and the party got underway…coloring, dragon play, tattoos, and games of hide and seek. The children’s delight was palpable, and their collective imaginations knew no bounds. Prime example – the train morphed into a…wait for it…rocket train.









As the party came to a close, we handed out our favor – a creative, modern book about the fact that a box is not just a box. I just couldn’t resist, it was too perfect. Some little partygoers started reading it right then and there (ahem, Sawyer…such a cutie). I’m so thankful for our amazing + supportive friends, and am glad we made the effort to throw a party this year, despite the current chaos of our life. I think the kids will be talking about this one for a while…EXHALE.






invitations c/o minted | party supplies by jo-ann fabric + craft stores | tattoos by tattly


  1. The details are beautiful! Such a creative party idea and looked like so much fun. Henry and Marie are two lucky toddlers!

  2. ABSOLUTELY incredible and creative. You and Hubby did a knock-out job. Parker, you have unbelievable patience and imagination (with advice, I’m sure) to make boxes become magic. As always, my daughter, your imagination knows no bounds. Well done you two!

    • parker did an amazing job – thank you so much Dad. love you!!

  3. Such a wonderful party! Bravo to you and Parker for throwing it all together in the midst of a move and packing. Thanks for a great day!

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