jane’s carousel



I first learned of Jane’s Carousel when I was pregnant with Henry + Marie, and have been wanting to take them there ever since. We made a day of it last weekend after being in the city to attend the #citykidpopup! Situated in the most beautiful spot in the Brooklyn Bridge Park – the views are incredible. You can add this to the long list of why I (we) love Brooklyn so much. I’m sharing the full story (and many more photos + video) on Steller – if you don’t yet have the app I highly recommend it, but you can also view it online (follow the link below). Since it’s open year-round, we can’t wait to return!

see the full story on steller


  1. I used to ride this carousel as a child in my hometown of Youngstown, Ohio. It was the showpiece of Idora Park. I was so happy to hear that it was restored and having a second life in Brooklyn!

    • oh wow Joy, that’s amazing!! yes, it is having an incredible second life. :)

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