christmas is coming!



With the weather finally feeling wintery yesterday, we decided it was the perfect day for tree hunting! We made the trek to our favorite local farm, just as we did last year, the year before, and ever since we’ve lived in Pennsylvania. I grew up doing the same with my parents – we always had a real tree. While I acknowledge the pros and cons of both real + faux, my preference will always be a live tree. The experience is timeless – from the hunt, the journey home, the setup (tangled lights and arguments included), the smell, and the magic and wonder. Henry and Marie really got into it this year!






After frolicking through the fields for a bit we got down to business, and found the perfect tree. While the kids probably would have opted for one just their size, we had other plans. Wanting to take advantage of our loft’s soaring ceilings, we decided to go big this year, and did we ever! We’re talking a ten foot douglas fir people – Marie and I both got a little concerned when Daddy started to cut it down, ha. After a joyous hayride + cup of hot cocoa, we returned home tired and triumphant, with another year of priceless holiday memories made. Let the countdown to Christmas begin!





 outfit details: marie’s coat + shoes | henry’s jeansboots


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