the gift of music





We had a beautifully lazy, laid back, and musical Christmas! As it turns out Santa does read blogs…specifically, mine! The kids were bursting with excitement upon discovering the instruments (and more from their wish list) under the tree on Christmas morning. They immediately took to them, Henry bonding most with the violin, and Marie with the guitar ukelele (which I shared on snapchat). Santa gave them each their own “guitar”, and intended for the violin to be shared, but Henry laid claim to that pretty quickly. It was hard for us to argue with it – I mean, this boy has serious form + focus…




They both look like pros, but just to reassure you that they’re three years old…the sounds they’re producing need some work, ha. Both Parker and I played various instruments throughout our childhood (although never at a pro level), so this has inspired us to up our game. Santa brought me the record player I asked for, along with a few new vinyl records! I grew up in a very musical household and consider myself a serious audiophile, so spending the morning playing trying to play instruments and listening to records with my children made me so stinking happy. It’s inspiring me to focus more on my love of music in 2016. I hope you all had a joy-filled holiday and are still lounging around in your pajamas like us.




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