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I’m looking forward to quality time with family this weekend – after a week of both my husband and I traveling + the kids and I coming down with a killer cold, it’s much needed. Not to mention, it’s Valentine’s Day weekend! Not that we ever need an excuse to smother our loved ones with hugs and kisses, but this holiday makes it all sweeter, don’t you think? I photographed the treats you see above yesterday, after receiving the sweetest (pun intended) surprise package from my lovely friend Jill. She makes the most amazing caramels I’ve ever had in my life, no joke…and I may or may not be eating these caramels with my coffee this morning. As my Mom (and many others) always say…”life is short, eat dessert first”. After finishing this book this week, that sentiment couldn’t be felt any more heavily right now (and it’s a best seller for good reason). Hug your loved ones tightly, savor every day, and make someone feel extra special this weekend.


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  1. Happy Valentine’s Day!! These look SO yummy. I’m also an advocate of dessert first, and second, and third haha. I’m loving the heart day playlist, too!

  2. Loved that ‘Worst Valentines Day’ post. “A good, healthy [marriage] should have a bunch of healthy secondary relationships feeding into it, encouraging it, holding it accountable and holding it up – mentors, role models, and good, solid friends.” Thank you for being mine! xoxo

    • thank you Angie…yes that article really spoke to me! thank YOU for being mine too. xoxo

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