bon weekend



I’m not sure I’ve ever been so thankful for a weekend..this week has been a doozy, with both me and the kids being sick (hence the lack of posts). We are finally feeling better, and I have my voice back, even if I sound like a lifelong smoker. I’ve been missing Paris fiercely lately (more than the usual), probably because I’m reaching the end of my content from last year (still streeetching that out). The kids haven’t stopped talking about our trip since the day we returned, and we’ve been keeping the memories fresh in a number of ways. I’m so thankful they loved it so much, and look forward to the day we can go back with them. Since I’m always planning for Paris, here are a few links to inspire some serious wanderlust.


french for paris

kid-friendly paris

paris via hyperlapse

paris through another lens

how to spend 36 hours in paris


    • you know, a few people have asked Kelly and I should have been better prepared to answer that one! they’re made by a company called Kiki I believe? I bought them in Paris but I’m sure they can be found stateside, although an internet search wasn’t successful for me. I will let you know if I find them anywhere, thanks for asking! just FYI – Muji made a similar set years ago (although not magnetic like this one) but I can’t find those either! :/

      • you found it Anna, very cool! and yes, I heard about the new Honest Paris themed products from a friend who attended the launch party in NYC – of course we just threw away all of our diapers, the kids are now fully potty trained, woohoo!

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