la droguerie du marais



The most amazing crêpes (and falafels) I’ve ever had in Paris (or anywhere) can be found on the lovely Rue des Rosiers. Situated in the 4th arrondissement, La Droguerie du Marais is a gem, with delicious sweet + savory options and service with a smile. There are a few stools inside should you wish to rest your weary feet, although you could always run to the nearby Place des Vosges to enjoy it with a view, or do what we did and not waste any precious time to dig in. Marie knows what’s up – she emerged from her cozy canopy to take a peek (she’s looking right at the facade). Clever + curious, that girl. A little sidenote: be sure not to confuse this with La Droguerie in the 1st, which is completely different but also amazing.






That man is the nicest crêpe-maker in Paris, I’m sure of it. I neglected to get his name, but I believe he is one of only two men you will find there, both being très gentille. I’ve always said I could survive solely on crêpes if necessary, and this place would make that a dream. After first making a meal of their amazing savory crepes, we ordered a few sweet ones. The kids really loved them, and we ended up with another round before leaving with big sugar and nutella-smudged smiles. Whether you’re just strolling by (pun intended) or intend to sit +  savor, this one is worth stopping for.






La Droguerie du Marais | 56 Rue des Rosiers 75004 Paris


  1. This is right outside the door of the apartment where my parents stay in Paris–and where I stay whenever I’m with them! It’s one of our favorite spots for a late-night dessert crepe (I love lemon-sugar), or to grab quick lunch or dinner on the go (ham-cheese-egg!). So glad you discovered it, it’s such a great little street!

    • you’re kidding Christine – what a beautiful location!! yes, this is my favorite place and ooh, I’ll have to try the lemon sugar, sounds amazing. xo

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