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“The world is a book, and those who do not travel only read a page.”

Saint Augustine


I’ve been keeping a secret from you. I recently found out that the conference I was scheduled to speak at was cancelled, and suddenly my Ireland plans seemed frivolous to me. While I will always have a strong desire to explore that country and my Irish roots, it felt a bit extravagant without a business-related purpose. If I’m going to be away from my family for a significant period of time, it needs to be meaningful and productive. I reached out to my friend and (then) Ireland travel partner Kirsten Alana with a bold idea – why don’t we go to Paris instead? She responded with a swift and resounding YES, and I did a happy dance. It’s been almost exactly a year since I was last there (avec ma famille) and I’m missing it greatly. I couldn’t wait to share my news with you this week, and then…the terrorist attacks in Brussels occurred.

While I’m feeling sorrowful and anxious, I will not be changing course. In fact, I feel more inspired to travel than ever before. I feel a responsibility as a human being, as a woman, and as a mother, to demonstrate courage and perseverance in the face of fear. I believe strongly in the sentiment above, and will forever encourage my children to see the world (I’m very proud that they’re already one passport stamp in at three years of age). The places and people I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing over the years have changed how I live my life. I’m a more tolerant, cultured, enlightened person. Sure, some of those things can come with age (I’m thirty-six)…but my travels have accelerated my maturity. I refuse to allow these horrific events to derail my dreams, my beliefs, and my desire to travel. Paris, mon amour…I’ll be seeing you soon.

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    • thank you Molly – yes, life is for living indeed!! #fluctuatnecmergitur

  1. I didn’t know all the details of your Ireland trip until just now. I have to say I am happy the way things worked out because I look forward to seeing you back in Paris! Hopefully this time we will have more time to cause trouble and enjoy the city.

    In regards to fear of traveling with the recent attacks. The terrorists are doing their best to fill us with fear. Fear = control the more control they have on us the less we can live our lives. If we stay at home unwilling to live our lives they win. Its that simple.

    I had the opportunity to visit Paris this January just a few months after the attacks and the city was quiet with tourists. Occupancy at hotels and apartments was extremely low. The cafes and streets were filled with Parisians laughing and drinking wine. The Parisians have it right with staying strong and continuing to live life to the fullest. I hope we will all take a lesson from them and keep our travel plans this Spring. Don’t let them win!

    • yes, it’s a complicated saga Rebecca, but I truly believe things happen for a reason. thank you for sharing your thoughts, and I absolutely agree with you – we have to stay the course and not let fear dictate our lives. looking forward to seeing you + getting into some trouble…always up for that. ;)

  2. So glad to be going with you and to have a friend+colleague who is of like mind. I’m excited for our future trips and ventures together ;) xo

    • I feel the same Kirsten, we’re going to have an amazing time! xo

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