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The countdown to Le Tour de France has begun! I started watching around 2004 (despite not even owning a bike) and my love for it has grown each year since. This is the ONLY sport I think about, look forward to, and obsess over. I’m a hardcore Francophile, so…DUH. However, there are many other reasons why this race gets me going. The lead up to it, the excitement, the preparation of all involved. The stamina and athleticism required to withstand even one day (with or without drugs) amazes me. Seeing the different regions and towns in France is a highlight for me – this year, the race begins at Mont-Saint-Michel, so I’m anticipating stunning scenery. I’ve been grooming the kids for a few years, and they’re finally old enough to watch it with me! Even if it’s for a few minutes, I’ll take what I can get. Vive le Tour!

this amazing graphic is by dave foster…you can buy the print here!


  1. Oh, I’m so happy someone else feels the same as I do! I’ve watched for the past two years and am obsessed. The excitement, the scenery, the dream to live in France , the wish of being in such good shape ( such well defined legs!) and for it to begin in one of my favorite places to have visited! I’ll be recording it so as not to miss anything! Vive le tour! Vive le tour!

    • hooray, welcome to the club Sandy!! I agree with everything you said 100% – it’s the best…Vive le Tour!!

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