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As a long time reader and fan of everything My Little Paris does, I was thrilled when they recently launched their latest brand addition, a weekly English newsletter delivering a delightful Francophile fix straight to your inbox. Speaking of Francophiles…today’s edition features none other than…@thefrancophiles! It’s such an honor to have the community recognized in such a big way. The piece is focused on the sexiest French pastries outside of France – you might not want to read it if you’re hungry. As an added bonus, one of my own images was included in the piece (a shout-out to my local fav, Parc). If you’re not familiar with My Little Paris, check out this fun introductory video, sign up for an edition (or two, or all) and explore their site. Fair warning: you’ll get blissfully lost for hours. Go French Yourself.

see the full feature here


  1. This makes me want to hop in the car and road trip to Parc right now. Congrats on the features – lovely! xx

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