This is not a traditional Mother’s Day post. This is the story behind my most recent tattoo. A tattoo that represents many things to me, including my identity, my love story and…my children. The number three (trois, in French) has always been significant in my life, but only became evident to me when I met my husband. Suddenly, it was like the pieces of my own personal puzzle were finally coming together. Fast forward (three) years, and I was pregnant with twins. My body became a sanctuary for two human beings to grow and thrive in. Three of us, as oneWhile we no longer share my body, my beautiful children, Henry et Marie, will always be a part of me, until the day I die. I still have a hard time comprehending the concept, the reality, the gift–three years later. Yes…as luck? would have it, this happens to be my third Mother’s Day.

happy mother’s day

calligraphy by neither snow | inked by mike ski | photography by ashley ludaescher

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