christmas eve…





This was our Christmas Eve setting…I stayed up late the night before to set a formal table, complete with satin ribbon napkin ties and an impromptu cotton + evergreen arrangement. As tired as I am in the evenings, I enjoyed doing it-my Mom taught me well. My parents joined us, and we dined in front of our crackling fireplace. I was already feeling emotional this year, but as the (surprise) fluffy snow began to fall before dinner, I was overcome. Hell, we all got a bit teary-it was just perfect. Christmas day was spent in pajamas with our babies, and Santa brought them a special present! We kept gifts simple this year, as they really have no clue what’s going on, ha-but they did enjoy the sounds and textures of wrapping paper! This year was truly one of the most beautiful and memorable Christmases I’ve ever experienced, and I hope yours was special as well…are there any new traditions or memories you would like to share? 

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  1. Wow! What beautiful Christmas decor – from the perfectly wrapped gifts to the ornate & lovely table settings. They are definitely inspiration for me next year!


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