these moments



these moments…are the ones that words cannot do justice…the ones we treasure forever. 

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer today, totally unrelated to me posting this ( but kinda freaky). She has been told that surgery should take care of it, no chemo or radiation needed so we are very thankful. It is still very jarring hearing those words….I happened to be at my parents house when they got the call, and I’m glad I was. The realization that my health and the future health of my daughter being impacted is also on my mind, secondary to my mother’s health of course. It is all very sobering, and is a reminder to treasure every moment, every day. I love you more than words Mom.


  1. That is so tough, Susan.
    It makes my heart pound even quicker to think about how delicate life really is.
    Wishing your mom all the best.

  2. i feel like i know you well enough to say your positive attitude is a strong point of yours. such scary news to receive, but i have no doubt everything will be just fine. thinking of your family.

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