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Let’s talk tattoos, shall we? I’ve wanted one (or two) for quite a while…I find the idea to be romantic, and yet bewildering at the same time. A few of my closest friends have intricate designs, and I admire the artistry and personal stories behind each of them. My perfectionism and indecision have kept me from pulling the trigger, but now that I have children I find myself wanting to have a permanent representation of them on my body (besides the stretch marks, ha). After all, they came into existence within me, and will always be a part of me. I am 99% decided on roman numerals of their birthdate, or their first initials on each of my wrists. I also dream of having a beautiful typographic tattoo on my arm (like above), but am not sure I would ever be that bold. Once I get my first one I will know…it could be my only, or as many people say, it could be the stepping stone to many more! If you have a tattoo, I’d love to hear how you decided on it and what the experience was like? Do you have any regrets? Do you want more? I would love to hear your story…thanks for sharing!

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  1. Sounds like you’re very close to pulling the trigger :) For me too, family and memories of home inspired my first tattoos. I think for us indecisive artist types (being a Gemini, it seems there’s always at least two option A’s!), the permanence of tattoos is especially difficult to decide on. Candidly, I do have days when I look down at my arm and – not regret, but – second guess them. BUT that unsure feeling never lasts longer than a few seconds and then I remember why I paid homage to such dear memories and people.

    One regretful decision: Years ago when starting my partial sleeve, I went into my tat shop and wasn’t fully prepared to tell the artist exactly what I wanted. I had never worked with her before, and feeling the pressure of being a newbie, I said “I trust you” and allowed her to improvise some design detail into my current tattoo. To this day, I’ve been unhappy with what she did, and am soon looking to cover over it with a monogram initial. I know you would never put yourself in that position, Susan, but just wanted to put that out there!

    So as far as perfectionism and indecision goes – I don’t think you’ll regret taking too long to decide on what you want. You have your whole life to ink up :)

    • I am SO indecisive about some things, it kills me! I like your monogram cover up idea for that spot-I hate that happened to you. I do have my whole life to get inked…thanks for that perspective Angie!

  2. I have two, so yes, one tends to get a bit addicted! I got one after I graduated college–a design I liked. Nothing more, nothing less. I kind of wish I thought that one through a bit more, but it is what it is. And I just got one last year when I turned 40. It is three hearts on my inner wrist representing my three kiddos. The one I got as a 21 year old I sometimes (like Angie) second guess, but not for too long. The three hearts? I love. :)

    • I’m so happy to hear about you getting a tattoo at 40! The hearts sound perfect-small + emotionally significant, kind of what I’m going for. Thanks for sharing Katie!

  3. Hi. First of all, I LOVE your blog. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures of your two little sweet ones. They are so adorable! Re: Tattoos, I have 2. I got one in my mid-20s, a small fleur de lys on my right shoulder blade (for my Quebecois roots and love of France) and just last year, at 38 (eek), I got a small cursive V on my left inner ankle in memory of my Dad who I miss so much. I have never regretted either one. I like that for me they both mean a lot and they are rather unexpected on a girl who favors pearls and pencil skirts. I also got a fake tattoo once just for fun… that could be a good way to sample it, if you think you may not be 100% sure. The ink washes off after several days. Cheers.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment and for the kind words, I really appreciate it! I’m actually shocked I don’t have a fleur de lys tattoo, as they mean so much to me. Yours sound very elegant, which is my goal…and funny you should mention pearls + pencil skirts…that’s half of my personality as well, although the other half is 100% rebel. Libra, figures. ;)

  4. I have two tattoos. I got the first as a fun study abroad experience. Something my friends and I talked about for a while and instead of finding something meaningful we just went with something small and cute that we wouldn’t hate in 50 years. It is a small black star on the inside of my left ankle. I do still like it and it reminds me of the wild study abroad days!

    My second one is more recent and much more meaningful. Three small flying birds on my right side that represent the courage and love of loved ones that I have lost. Each bird represents a different person and different stories. I love this one!

    I am a huge fan of tattoos and believe that they are a wonderful personal experience and way of expressing yourself. Best of luck with your future ink!

    • I like the idea of small + cute, especially for a first one. The birds sound beautiful, how special. Thanks for sharing Sasha!

  5. Like many of the PPs, I got my first tattoo at the age of 20. I accompanied my boyfriend at the time to a tattoo parlor where he was having an intricate Celtic band done on his arm and for fun I got a piece of flash on my hip. It’s a rose on a tribal design (tribal is a bit outdated now – this was the ’90’s) which has weathered two pregnancies. It’s not so much my style today but brings back fun memories of the wild days of my youth!

    After thinking about it for many years, I got a large typography tattoo on my arm this past January. It’s a lyric from one of my favorite bands and has a carpe diem type meaning to me:

    The little stars on the left hand side represent my two children.

    I’m a big fan of all the tattoo shows – Best Ink, Ink Master, LA Ink, etc. and agree getting ink can be quite addicting. My next tattoo is already in the works – I think I would have had more done in all honesty if it weren’t for my husband who has a much more classic, refined style than me; he thinks they are a bit red-neckish but I say to each their own.

    Getting inked is highly personal, and given the permanent nature, definitely not something to rush into. But they are fun, and hey, you only live once! Keep us posted on what you decide!

    PS following your ink board on pinterest. Here’s mine:

    • Hehe, my husband has a tribal one too…ah, the 90’s. True though-a reminder of days gone by. That is such an awesome song…now you’ve got me singing it. Thanks for sharing a pic-love it! I will be sure to share what I do, merci Cat!

  6. A dear friend of mine has one of the sweetest tattoos I’ve ever seen…he got the signatures of all four of his children from when they first learned how to write on his back, very small…stacked on top of one another, in order of age. It is so precious. I love your roman numeral idea!

    • Ooh I love that-so sweet! Thanks for stopping by Rebekka, I’m such a fan of your work…come back soon ;)

  7. i have many tattoos! my favorite though is a big one across my ribs (and under my left boob) that says ‘constellations.’ it’s a reminder that there is always more.

    • I think I’ve seen a hint of that via instagram + it’s beautiful! Very unique placement + message. Thanks for sharing Joanna ;)

  8. When I decided to get my tattoo, I came up with the spot and design and then sat on it for a year. I figured if I still loved it in a year, I’d love it for always. I got comedy and tragedy masks on my lower right back since I loved theater and it was such a large part of my life in high school and college. It’s been 13 years and I still adore it!

    • Yeah I’ve been sitting on one idea for a year (the kids tattoo) and another for more than that…I need to just do it! Thanks Julie.

  9. Well, as you know, I have 3! I thought about the first 2 for a long time but the 3rd was more impulsive, motivated by a friend who was going to get tattooed with her husband. I joined them and had something small etched to my ankle that reflects my love for France. Whatever you do, be sure you’ll want it for the REST OF YOUR LIFE :) And think about it long and hard. Regardless, it should be meaningful to you!

    • Yes, I am going to be sure…that I know. Thanks for chiming in Lindsey!

  10. I just found your blog after leaving a comment for Tristan B. on Besotted. I HAD to leave a comment because after having my son a year and 1 month ago, I am STILL wanting to get a tattoo! It was as if his birth made me want one that much more. And it’s been a year and I’m still thinking about it. It’s funny, too because I made a pinterest board dedicated to my ideas and we have so many of the same things pinned — ha! I think whatever I do, it will be small and delicate. I still want to do it but I’m such a perfectionist that I worry I would change my mind. My husband has lots of tattoos; he started when he was 18… so that also makes me want one. :-)

    • So glad you found my space Stephanie, thanks for visiting! Clearly we have similar taste in blogs and tattoos, ha ;) My perfectionism is what has kept me from doing it…but I need to let that go. Thanks again!

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