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Last week I had the pleasure of attending Alt For Everyone, the online version of the hugely successful Alt Summit conference. I’ve had plans to attend in person for a few years, but cost, timing, and twins have kept me from making that a reality. As a busy WAHM now, Alt For Everyone is the perfect solution for me, as I can attend classes from home, and still experience the social aspect via online chat rooms and social media. You see the teacher live, as well as the slides that accompany the class, and you can chat with other students publicly or privately in the online forum. Twitter is always lit up afterwards, and it’s a great way to meet new bloggers, designers, and moms! I thoroughly enjoyed all of my classes, but my favorite was Photo Styling with the Brinsons…those two are so incredibly talented + inspiring. That class has me itching to do more styling, pronto. I hope to attend the next east coast conference in person (NYC 2014?)…will I see you there?!

(that’s the goody bag + box that arrived before classes started, so fun!)


  1. I want to attend Alt Summit so badly, but this is a great option until I can get there!

  2. I desperately want to go to alt NYC! I was hoping to go last year, but tickets sold out before I got it together. I’ll even take the bolt bus with you if you wanna go in 2014!

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