Today is my birthday! Just like that-another year, another number. I’ll be honest, my birthday grows less important to me as the years pass, but that seems par for the course. My focus now is my children-and I’m finding that all I want to do for my birthday is something for them! Ok, ok…I do have a little something planned for myself this evening, and of course mr. fleurishing will be accompanying me. If you’re curious you can check out my instagram feed to find out what it is!!

 thanks to all of you for being here…you make me feel special every day.


  1. Happy Birthday! I understand the waning importance of your own birthday. Eva’s is 6 days after mine, so nowadays I’m pretty committed to planning her party when my own birthday rolls around. Hope you have a blast tonight!

  2. You are like a fine wine getting richer with age! Happy Birthday my dear dear friend. I love you!

    • puts a big smile on my face to see you here Suz…and thank you. love you too!

  3. For this special day, I’ll tell you what we say in France :
    Joyeux anniversaire !!!

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