goody goody gift swap



If I made a list of all the reasons why I love social media, it would be…very long, ha. However-I would be sure that the Goody Goody Gift Swap was on it! It’s a holiday giftswap for creatives-pairing random individuals from around the world…taking us out of our electronic realm for a bit.  I discovered it via instagram in November and signed up immediately to participate. As “plugged in” as we all are, some good old fashioned mail is refreshing…don’t you agree?! I made a new friend in Wisconsin, and sent the present above to her. I can’t wait to find out what she thinks, and to receive mine-FUN! Many thanks to Jenna Cantagallo for the brilliant concept! Who knows…we could be swap mates next year!

thank you Erin Ellis for the (partial) use of your beautifully designed logo!


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