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Today, and often, I have Alsace on my mind. It’s been three years since my last visit to this beautiful region of France, but it is always with me. My maternal great-grandmother, Marie, was the first of the family to immigrate to the States from Strasbourg (pictured above). My grandmother Florence was only 16 when her mother sadly passed from tuberculosis, but she shared so many lovely stories about her mother with me.  I’ve always wished to know more about Marie, and her mother, my great-great-grandmother (also Marie-seeing a pattern?!), to learn about their lives, and in turn, understand mine more deeply. Throughout my adult life I have searched for answers in my ancestry, and no place in France has ever felt more comfortable or familiar to me than Alsace. I take comfort in upholding family traditions and celebrating my heritage. Tomorrow I will be sharing an exciting collaboration, which incorporates my love for my Alsatian roots, festive celebrations, and the incredibly delicious food of the region. I can’t wait-come back tomorrow for the reveal!


  1. Cannot wait to hear the big reveal! So excited for you! (Strasbourg is the BEST – I had to go for EU related work all the time in the past but now can’t wait to go back as a tourist, especially at Christmas time.)

    • thank you Jess, I’m excited–and I’ve always wanted to see Strasbourg during Christmas!

  2. I also have French heritage (My maiden name is Caisse)! My grandfather came over as a young boy, and then my great-grandfather returned to fight for France during WW2. I still have distant cousins in Paris, but the town where he’s from is near aix en provence.

    • Oh how wonderful Sarah-we really do have a good bit in common! Aix is so beautiful…the one region I have not explored yet, but my best friend lived there for a time!

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