apple picking in pa






It’s that time of year…apple picking season has commenced!!! Apologies for the excessive use of exclamation points, but I cannot contain my excitement! We couldn’t wait to take the kids, since they probably don’t remember last year (or maybe they do, somewhere in their subconscious, who knows). It was the perfect fall day here in Pennsylvania, and our area never fails to intoxicate me during this season. We headed a few minutes down the road to Highland Orchards, who also happens to make award-wining apple cider donuts – SO good. The kids were very excited, and I dressed them in appropriate apple picking attire. Ha…I went for style over practicality, as usual. They had the biggest smiles the entire time. Henry was especially into the picking, while Marie preferred to collect and bag them (she likes things orderly–my daughter all the way). Our local paper happened to be at the orchard and we ended up having an impromptu photo shoot!

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  1. How sweet! We’ve done this with Eva every year since she was just a wee 4 month old babe. Every year she’s gotten more and more excited about it…and eaten about a dozen sticky apples before we leave the orchard!

  2. Their outfits could not be sweeter! Apple picking is simply the best. Beats out those old grocery store ones every time! Fall!

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