alt summit recap – part deux



I’ve finally regained enough energy to get into the nitty gritty of Altitude Summit with you, and share some tips + tricks I learned. This was my very first ALT (after 5 years of blogging – what took me so long?!) and I can tell you it is worth every penny. I could go on and on about the value–from the friends I made (or met in person for the first time, like the fabulous Tiffany Han shown above), to the friendships I solidified (like my amazing friend/roomie Jahje Ives), to the face-to-face with sponsors, the inspiring speeches + presentations, and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. With so much talent and information packed into one incredible conference, it can be a bit overwhelming. I’m no expert – like I said, this was my first time attending, and most of this has been said before, but here are my top tips. Oh – be sure to shop inside the Grand America…the toy shop JouJou is incredible if you have children + La Bonne Vie is a lovely little patisserie! And, no…this is not a sponsored post (I wish). Whatever you do, find a way to experience ALT…you won’t regret it.


tip #1      preparation is key. do your homework, know the sponsors, and reach out prior to the conference.

tip #2     plan your wardrobe with precision – know what you’re wearing + when. the fashion is no joke people.

tip #3     arrive early, if possible…having time to acclimate and get in the zone helped me a great deal.

tip #4     HYDRATE. seriously y’all…it’s the desert. drink tons of water + moisturize!

tip #5     focus and learn…feel like a student again, and enjoy it. revel in your fresh notebooks + new knowledge.

tip #6     be super social (and I don’t mean virtually). attend as many parties, mini-parties, and get togethers as you can.

tip #7     work the camera….know what is successful for you in a photo booth situation. they are everywhere you turn.

tip #8     save your instagrams + tweets for after the day is done, whenever possible. allow yourself to be present.

tip #9     seek out solace. if you’re like me and are very auditory, I need quiet to think + process.

tip #10   begin your follow-up before leaving! sort through cards + make to do lists. the early bird gets the worm!


  1. You were absolutely the best roomie. I loved experiencing Alt with you and these tips are totally pro. Anyone who follows them will have a great time and successful trip to boot!

    Also, stupid desert.

    • aw shucks…thank you friend. such a bonding experience!! love you girl.

      also…so stupid.

    • SO amazing Kari…I hope to see you in 2016!
      (psst – earlybird tickets for the summer session are on sale now)

  2. I just realized we met at Alt and I didn’t know you were in Pittsburgh!! I’m right outside of the city.

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