alt summit recap – part un




These photos sum up my Alt Summit experience. You simply cannot put a price on meeting someone you’ve admired for years, looking into their eyes, and holding their hand. As bloggers, we find ourselves (mostly) behind screens for a living. Of course, the irony is that we are sharing our humanity, our stories, in the hopes of connecting with others and inspiring a conversation. Erin Loechner has inspired many conversations for me, along with so many others I had the chance to finally meet in person. At the end of each day, my excitement overcame my exhaustion, and the friendships I made and solidified are worth a thousand conferences. I feel invigorated and driven by the many exciting opportunities + projects on the horizon (and can’t wait to share). As a blogger, designer, mother, wife, and human…I feel whole.

images by Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit


  1. Beautifully said. I attended Alt in SF a few years ago and sadly didn’t feel like I had the same experience…not sure if it was me, or the new setting (for them) or the timing. But stories like this make me want to revisit it again some day. :)

    • sorry to hear that Raluca, but happy to hear my recap could inspire you to give it another try – it was such a positive + inspirational experience for me!

  2. It’s funny when I took these pictures. I thought “they were having a real moment there” and in fact you were. Glad I stopped to grab a few frames. Erin really is the best.

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