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Yes, that’s right – I’m the obnoxious Mom talking about how her child got a haircut in Paris. I can’t even say that for myself! Ever since I first discovered the coiffeur inside the flagship Bonton, I knew that I had to make it happen. I waited until we arrived, and then called for an appointment. They accept walk-ins, but I wasn’t going to chance it (plus, that’s just not my style). My friend Ashley Ludaescher kindly met us there to capture the moment and hang out (we’re a fun bunch). Monsieur Franck (pictured above) was very welcoming, and immediately made us all feel at ease. After all, a haircut at Bonton can be a little intimidating! Henry not only felt comfortable, but he enjoyed himself – click through for more!





You see that smile?! Henry had fun, and got a great haircut! Just look at this handsome stud. I mean, ladies…watch out. Oh, and by the way…he’s MINE. Afterwards we explored the store (all three levels of it) and had some fun in the vintage photobooth. I’ll be sharing those photos soon, exclusively via my newsletter – be sure to sign up (in the sidebar), merci!




 Bonton | 5 Boulevard Des Filles Calvaire 75003 Paris


  1. now HE is the coolest toddler, and you of course get cool mom credit for thinking of this and making it happen ♡

    • How cool Kasia – such a great place, and the best cut Henry’s ever had!

  2. Too sweet! Love how he’s sitting in your lap! What a great idea – I’m sure many tears are saved that way. ;)

    • Yes, I don’t always do it but in an unfamiliar place it helps. ;)

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