an anniversary in paris




While in Paris, my husband got down on one knee and asked me to marry him…again. As luck would have it, our anniversary (exactly one month and six years ago today) coincided with our trip. I had made reservations at my favorite restaurant, arranged care for the kids with a friend, and imagined us on a romantic midnight stroll along the Seine after enjoying an amazing and memorable dinner. However, between jet lagged toddlers, exhaustion, and not wanting to beg for help, we made the decision to cancel our plans. Our reality was not to be ignored, even in the most romantic city in the world. We chuckled at the stark contrast of it all, compared to the romance and freedom we have known in earlier years. On our anniversary eve, we found ourselves with oven pizza and wine after the kids went to bed. And you know what I realized? Our reality, and our love, is so much richer, deeper, and beautiful, six years later. I live life (and created life) with my best friend. So, in the shadow of Notre Dame, surrounded by our children, I said yes. Again.

many thanks to ashley ludaescher for capturing this unscripted moment!


  1. I love this. Happy anniversary sweet friend! So excited to celebrate (belatedly!) with you guys in just over a week – eeee!!! xo

    • thank you so much Angie…can’t wait to see you guys! xo

  2. So sweet! How perfect to be in the city of love for your anniversary! Happy belated anniversary!! ❤️

  3. this is the sweetest thing ever!! i’ve gotten chills each time i read it (on here + insta) i look forward to our six year anniversary where we’re eating pizza + wine while the littles are sleeping…..i just HOPE its in paris ;)

    • aw, so sweet of you to say Annie! pizza + wine in paris – yes, not too shabby!!

      where there’s a will, there is a way. xoxo

  4. Hello! just curious- what is your favorite restaurant in Paris?? we’re making our yearly trip soon and I always love going to a few favorites and a few new places. Thanks!

    • thank you for asking Anna – I love giving Paris recs! soon I’ll be sharing a guide to all my favs, but until then, here are a few:

      *verjus + ellsworth (same owners)

  5. Thank you! We love Verjus too and are excited to try Ellsworth this time :)

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