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Recently, I had the honor of being interviewed by the talented husband/wife team, Dave and Jennifer Cooper. They are the power couple/creative minds behind the passion project South of Brooklyn, sharing the stories behind creatives, makers, and entrepreneurs – you guessed it – south of Brooklyn. While I wholeheartedly recognize Brooklyn as a bastion of cool, I’m also very proud to live in Philadelphia, which is also (in my opinion, and many others) having a “moment”. It’s very palpable here, and I’m thankful to be present to witness it, and dare I say, take part in it. I’m thrilled they asked me to talk about my family and francophilia, as they represent such a big chunk of my identity. It’s my first video feature (gulp) – many thanks to Jennifer and Dave for making it a comfortable (and fun) first experience. Check it out…

fleurishing: a french twist


  1. You are just beautiful Susan. Such a great video. Your home truly is a magical moment to be experienced. Not only the decor, but the beautiful family who inhabit it.

    P.s. You look gorgeous in this video! Especially loved hearing about your grandfather’s influence on your passion for design. So inspiring. xo.

  2. Susan – this is awesome! I had no idea you did so much, and your home is just beautiful. I’m super duper impressed.

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