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We just returned from a trip down south to Charlotte, North Carolina. I don’t talk about Charlotte much, but it’s where both mr. fleurishing and I lived for many years, met, and married. We went down to spend time with Parker’s family (in celebration of his 40th), built around a business conference he had. It was a busy week, but we made time to visit the estate where we were married in 2009. Built in 1913, the Van Landingham Estate is an escape in the heart of Charlotte, and it won us over with it’s character + gorgeous gardens. We hadn’t been back since then, so bringing our children there was really special. It was a beautiful day, and you better believe I brought my camera to capture Henry + Marie there.






One of my favorite wedding photos was taken in that very spot where Marie is standing – it’s so weird and amazing for our children to now be photographed there! I seriously cannot get over Marie’s curls – she wakes up like that, with perfectly coiffed ringlets. Of course, the humidity that is still lingering down south made them even more amazing. It’s so hard to narrow the photos down…I’m not sure mother’s should also be (their own) editors, ha. This is as edited as I can manage.







  1. Glad you had fun in my home state. You taught me something new about this beautiful estate in Charlotte! It’s just gorgeous. Love all the new pics of Henry and Marie. They are absolutely precious:)

  2. I didn’t know you hadn’t been back there since your wedding! So cool. These pictures are ridiculously sweet…I think you did a good job editing down :) H&M are going to take over the fashion ad world someday very soon I think…

    • yes, we made it a priority to take the kids…it was cool + kinda freaky. ;)

      ha…here’s hoping they have an agent soon!

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