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Exciting news friends! I’m participating in the first ever Periscope open house! Organized by the the talented duo of House of Brinson, it will feature eight incredible homes. I’ll be sharing a LIVE look at our new industrial loft, including the first ever peek at Henry + Marie’s new room! Each tour will be a whirlwind 15 minutes, starting at 10 AM EST. Here’s how to watch: download the Periscope app and follow “vintagedesignme”, which is where the tour begins. You will then be prompted to each new tour – mine starts at 10:15 (you can go ahead and follow me there: fleurishing). You will get a peek into a variety of homes – don’t miss it! You can learn more here if you’re not familiar with the app. See you there!

#periscopeopenhouse | sunday, october 18th 10 AM EST | watch the replay here


  1. Oh my gosh what a treat that was to see!! Very worthy Periscope feature if you ask me :) You’re such a good tour guide – nice job with this. I love the black velvet makeover – what a bold statement! I feel like it’s calling for a boudoir photo shoot ;) And the kids room looks great – love that of to Switzerland and the beautiful renter-friendly wallpaper…heading over to Chasing Paper now. xoxo

    • thanks for watching Angie, and for your kind words! ha – a boudoir shoot (draw me like one of your french girls?) – love the idea. ;)

      even though you guys own – chasing paper is a great solution!

  2. I love this idea! Your home is, as expected, perfection. Also, I’ve been on Chasing Paper all morning…can’t wait to see your collab with them!

  3. Also, is it too early too start talking about hiring you to come decorate baby Montgomerys room in 2017?? ;)

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