a love letter to garance



Please allow me to gush for a paragraph or two. A few nights ago, I had the great pleasure of meeting illustrator, photographer, fashion icon, blogger, all-around amazing woman (and now author), Garance Doré. Having worshipped her from afar for many years now, I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard she would be coming to Philly on her book tour! I’ve missed a few opportunities to meet her before (whether in New York or Paris), and I wasn’t going to let that happen again. Her book Love Style Life was just released, and (not surprisingly) I ended up devouring it the day it arrived. Just like on her blog, her writing makes you feel like a best friend, and her transparency is refreshing. She emphasizes staying true to yourself, pushing your boundaries, and embracing elegance, inside and out.

My obsession with Garance goes much deeper than Francophilia. She inspires me as a woman first and foremost – she (like many others I admire) has pursued her dreams, and made her passions profitable. She is incredibly business savvy, and navigates her career with bravery and finesse. She is opinionated and bold, while oozing with femininity and grace. She epitomizes the effortless French style that so many of us strive for – and oh yeah, she also happens to be gorgeous. Most importantly however, and I can say this with certainty after speaking with her and looking into her eyes, is that her beauty runs deep. She spent ample time with every person at the signing, genuinely interested in our stories. She made me feel like I was the only one in the room – a very rare and special quality. I’ll never forget our conversation, her smile, her scent (she smelled amazing), and her inscription in my book. Let’s just say…I’ll be framing it soon.


p.s. – Garance, if you’re reading this…I would love to talk more with you, maybe over a glass of wine (or a margarita) and some amazing jazz trumpet? I’m in NYC often, and Paris whenever possible. xo


  1. SWOON! You + Garance in the room… that might be more fabulous than I could handle :) I’m so happy you got to meet her!! Her illustration style is very inspiring to me – I completely understand your obsession. xo

    • oh geez Angie…you flatter me so. ;)

      thankful you understand my obsession. xo

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