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It’s been a long time since I’ve written about motherhood, and it’s often because I have so much to say that I don’t even know where to begin. Almost four years later, I’m still wrapping my mind around the fact that I’m a mother of twins! Becoming a mother (and going from zero to two) has been both a disorienting and enlightening experience for me–my life has changed in every way possible. In fact, the first time I remember truly feeling like an adult was when I first held my children. My priorities have shifted, my marriage has been stretched and challenged, and I’ve grown exponentially.  Marie and Henry have already taught me more about life than I ever could have imagined – you just have to look for the lessons, as they often hide in the most unexpected places. They are just as much my teachers as I am theirs.

I’m making a wish this Mother’s Day. My wish is that I will create more time for myself, and in turn, be a better person, mother, wife, and daughter. Lately I’ve been spread too thin, and it’s taken a toll on me personally, as well as many of my relationships, including the one with my children. Our identities can be so quickly muddled in the midst of motherhood (this post speaks exactly to that point and moved me to tears). I need to demonstrate to both of my children (especially Marie who may someday find herself in my position), that maintaining and continuing to redefine your individuality is crucial. I feel like my wish is a bit ambitious, but certainly attainable. I have one more wish, and that is that you, my dear reader, have a meaningful and merry Mother’s Day weekend (should it apply). What would you like to wish for?

happy mother’s day


  1. Henry & Marie are two lucky tots having such an ambitious mama like you! This is a beautiful reminder that to be the best for those you love, you have to put time in for yourself. Happy Mother’s weekend, beautiful! Know how much you’re appreciated always.

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