bon weekend



Easter weekend has arrived, and while we’re in the midst of our move, I’m doing my best to make the holiday fun for the kids. While we don’t celebrate the religious aspect of the holiday, we enjoy the commercial traditions (i.e. we’ll embrace any excuse to indulge in chocolate and candy). Our egg dying technique could probably use some work, but I think the colors are beautiful (we used the classic Paas kit). Most importantly, we had fun doing it. Here are a few (random) things I’ve enjoyed recently…bon weekend mes amis (the last link is sure to start it off right)!


it’s only a phase

 ladurée emojis…OUI!

the sexiest French pastries

three iconic musicians on artistic creation

npr tiny desk concert: dirty dozen brass band

bon weekend



Happy Friday friends! I’m trying to be productive from bed, as I battle the flu – it hit our household hard and fast this week. I took this photo not long ago, at Valley Forge National Park (a few minutes from where we live), and it reminds me to look to nature when feeling overwhelmed. It’s been quiet here on the blog, as I’ve been contemplating these wise words, and struggling to share anything that feels “fluffy”. Many bloggers are struggling to find words and share their regular content right now, and some are debating whether or not to use their social media presence to speak out. I applaud those who have chosen to do so, despite the very real possibility of losing readers, sponsors, or followers. I’ll say it again – this isn’t about politics–it’s about humanity. I will continue to use this space to share ALL that I am passionate about, and I will never stop contributing my voice to the resistance, and fighting for what is right. If I lose followers or readers, so be it.  I’m sharing a few of my favorite posts on this topic…I hope you’ll weigh in and show them some love.


love trumps hate

on politics + social media

what will I tell my children?

fighting for what’s right is worth it

how to be an ally for refugees + immigrants

bloggers speaking out against the current administration

bon weekend



It’s the last weekend of October, can you believe it?! The foliage has only recently peaked here in Pennsylvania, and while it hasn’t been quite as stunning as last year, it’s still beautiful. We’re in hardcore Halloween mode in our household, and this will be the first year Henry + Marie have chosen costumes themselves. While I’m lamenting that a bit, the smiles on their faces is worth the commercial tackiness of it all. I’ll be sharing our holiday antics on snapchat: hutchsusan (aka the judgement free fun zone). In the meantime, here are some autumn-inspired links for your weekend!


 last minute halloween

the “root of all evil” cocktail

zero-waste decorations for fall

spooky (and chic) desktop wallpaper

a paris-inspired autumnal catalog shoot

bon weekend



Time has been standing a bit still for me, as you may have noticed by my absence here (and elsewhere). My mother has been ill and in the hospital, forcing us all to slow down and face issues we weren’t expecting to deal with quite yet. While she is now home and in recovery, it was a big health scare (and will continue to be for the time being). The situation is requiring some life changes, for all of us, and I’ve been re-evaluating my priorities. When dealing with big picture issues, many things fade into the background…in the scheme of life, they’re just not important. With that being said, I will be blogging as much as possible, but I want to thank you in advance for your patience + understanding. I hope you have a fabulous long holiday weekend with loved ones, and in the event you have time to read, here are some things that have inspired me lately. At the very least, stop to smell some roses…or in this case, some Japanese snowball viburnums.


go for a wander

rethinking silence

making meaning in the middle

the inconsistent consistency of life

amazing words on loss and life (discovered via design*sponge)

bon weekend



I’m not sure I’ve ever been so thankful for a weekend..this week has been a doozy, with both me and the kids being sick (hence the lack of posts). We are finally feeling better, and I have my voice back, even if I sound like a lifelong smoker. I’ve been missing Paris fiercely lately (more than the usual), probably because I’m reaching the end of my content from last year (still streeetching that out). The kids haven’t stopped talking about our trip since the day we returned, and we’ve been keeping the memories fresh in a number of ways. I’m so thankful they loved it so much, and look forward to the day we can go back with them. Since I’m always planning for Paris, here are a few links to inspire some serious wanderlust.


french for paris

kid-friendly paris

paris via hyperlapse

paris through another lens

how to spend 36 hours in paris