peace in the poconos




I took quite a few photos during my weekend in the Poconos, but keep coming back to these…this is my breathing space. Can we all just take a moment and collectively exhale? My lovely hosts Chanee + her husband suggested we canoe to dinner and I jumped at the idea, being the lake lover that I am. We were met afterwards with this beautiful and serene setting. It’s incredible how much peace nature can provide…canoeing, kayaking, and a long walk really helped to clear my mind (not to mention the wine and girl talk). The mountains were thankfully still rich with fall color,  and the air was delightfully crisp. I couldn’t help but imagine our family spending time there, creating memories like the ones I hold so dear of my childhood. Even though I am now slightly obsessed with looking at Poconos real estate, I returned home feeling refreshed + grateful. How lucky I am to be greeted with these smiling faces, and have so much love under one roof.


  1. Beautiful photos! We loved having you join us in our happy/calm place. I was in need of some girl talk time as well – thank you.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I could use a scene like that with wine and girl talk at least once a month :) glad you had a good time.

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