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We said our final goodbyes to our house yesterday. Having moved so many times in my life, you’d think I wouldn’t get so emotionally attached to a place. That’s been mostly true – I’ve really only ever been truly attached to one house…the one my grandparents lived in. Their home was the only constant – that no matter how many times we moved or where we lived, their home was always waiting for me. When my grandfather passed away and it was sold, I was gutted. I still drive by and say hello when I find myself in the (northern NJ) area. I’m sure I will always visit this house too…after all, it’s where some of the most poignant + happy memories of my life happened. As we said our goodbyes yesterday, I came to a powerful realization. The house was quiet, empty…lifeless. The “soul” of the home was gone so to speak…it was just a shell. As the kids danced around one last time in their room, their laughter + happiness stood out more than ever, and wiped away my tears. We brought life to the house, as will the new owner, and that makes me smile. I will always love 525 N New Street…I’m so grateful for the five years of priceless memories we made there…those we take with us.


  1. Beautiful post. “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh

    Hoping your new memories in the loft will one day make saying goodbye just as difficult.

    • oh man…that makes me tear up Megan. so very true, thank you for that sweet reminder. xo

  2. Oh Susan, this post made me smile and my heartache at the same time. My grandparents sold their house when we were in our early teens and I remember being heartbroken that I didn’t have enough money to buy it at the time (incidentally, it was also in Northern New Jersey!) It is also probably the only house that would make me move back to the States if somehow someone would give it to me. I love those places that give us memories… but I guess we seasoned movers also know, somewhere, deep down, that new memories always come with new places… xx

    • oh wow Jess, what a coincidence…and yes, I had wished I could buy it as well (still do)! but yes, those memories always come with us, and we hope to make some abroad sometime soon, like yourself! thank you for sharing. xo

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