Bonjour! I’m Susan, a thirty-seven year old Francophile, interior designer, wife + mother of twins. My life is “flourishing”, hence the name…with a french twist, of course. I’ve been married for seven years, and we welcomed our twins Henry et Marie in 2012 and have been trying to catch our breath ever since. We live in a historic suburb of Philadelphia, although I like to say I live in PA…ris. I’m a forever curious, hopelessly romantic, feisty + rebellious redhead. I’m a Libra, like an occasional scotch (neat), treat friends like gold, and strive to be fearlessly authentic. Since that sounds like an online dating profile, I hope we’re a match.


I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, beginning with my first “business” at the age of 8. Interior design has always been a passion of mine, and I spent many years paying my dues working for and learning from others in the retail + design fields. I took a leap of faith in 2006 when I started my own design company, and have (thankfully) been in business ever since. I spent 5 years in the specialty field of baby/kids design, and have a passion for that particular niche, especially now with children of my own. I offer an array of design + styling services (for both children and adults), which you can learn more about here.


My passions are abundant, and I share them all here! For those of you planning a trip to France looking for my recommendations, you can check out my france + paris archives, as well as see an ongoing index of my favorites via Instagram, under the hashtags #fleurishinginfrance #fleurishingfamilleinfrance! In the span of six years, the blog has grown from a hobby into a business of it’s own, and has introduced me to so many amazing people. The blogging community is an incredibly supportive and inspiring place, and I’m proud to be a part of it. I hope this space is a place of inspiration + enjoyment for you!

thank you for reading…merci!

Unless otherwise noted, all photographs are taken by moi-please ask permission to share images + credit properly, thank you.

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